Grounded and Grateful Facilitator Programs

Learn to:
Registered YA Training:
Hold safe and inclusive space for your community
Conduct 1:1 and group healing sessions/circles
Lead breathwork, somatic movement practices, and meditation
Develop a better understanding of the autonomic nervous system, the emotional body, and trauma
How to facilitate a meaningful, purposeful movement and stillness practice
All in all, join us on this journey of love, stillness, presence, and connection. Step in to the unique power that is your own voice, your own heart.
We also offer:
10 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program
While the pandemic rages on, we are also in the midst of a mindfulness and meditation revolution. Neuroscience is discovering that mindfulness and meditation causes fundamental changes to our brain and nervous system that restore our natural balance and allow healing of stress-induced states.