Grounded On Glen St is a community based studio offering a focus on our overall health and well-being. To be healthy as a whole our mental and emotional minds and bodies play a significant role.  

Grounding is a basic health and wellness practice.  Gratitude opens the door to your relationships starting with yourself first.  It can boost your immunity, improve sleep, and boost your overall well-being. Welcome to the creation of our Grounded and Grateful studio and programs.

What can you expect at Grounded on Glen St?

1- Movement classes that focus on the breath, connection to your body and tuning inward.  Shh don’t tell anyone but most of the time your eyes can be closed.

2- Workshops and Sessions with Specific Focuses to help a wide range of our emotional and mental health.

3-Adult time outs for the ultimate relaxation, restoring the body through nervous system integration and increasing your well-being.

4-Guided Meditations to help improve sleep, reduce pain and fatigue, improve concentration and focus and oh did we mention helps reduce stress.

5-Breathwork Classes- I know who knew we would remind you to breath but with practices of breathwork can help reduce our physical stress response, help calm and slow the emotional turbulence that can be going on in your mind.  There have been studies showing that breathwork practices can help treat Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

We offer online classes and sessions, in person classes and sessions and individual or small group sessions online or in person. 

We are excited to announce our fully Virtual Online Studio. Here you will find prerecorded classes, breathwork and meditations for you to practice anytime, anywhere.


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